Dispatches From the Leading Edge of Mobile Creative

blog_paint_whiteJoin us at the upcoming IAB Mobile Marketing Center panel entitled, “Dispatches From the Leading Edge of Mobile Creative” on April 22, from 4:00pm – 6:30pm.

Ads on smartphones are no longer the dull, flat, 320×50 banner ads of years past.  IAB Mobile Rising Stars and other cool formats from industry innovators have created canvases that engage, delight, and surprise end users.  These cutting edge ads are fun, enticing, and invite and encourage engagement.  This round table conversation will seek the equilibrium between the awesome and the practical. We’ll review the current state of adoption of IAB’s Rising Stars units, and attendees will get to see concrete examples as some of the leading mobile creative shops share the know-how and learning that they’re deriving as they surf the leading edge of mobile creative. Panelists will show off examples of their mobile ad work from the past year, and then participate in a round table conversation along with agency representation to keep everyone honest:  the most beautiful ad creative in the world is useless if it won’t scale, or costs too much to build. Register here, for free!

Moderated by:
Joe Laszlo, Senior Director, Mobile Marketing Center

Paul DeGrote, Creative Director, Amobee
Trevor Guthrie, Co-Founder, Giant Spoon
Harry Kargman, CEO & Founder, Kargo
Doug MacDonald, SVP Agency Sales, Celtra
Kevin Wassong, CEO, LIN Mobile, LIN Media

Join Amobee at the Upcoming CarrierWiFi Asia Event to “Unveil the WiFi Opportunity”

Screen Shot 2014-04-03 at 5.09.43 PM

The opportunity is massive: analysts have predicted the Wi-Fi market to be worth more than $93 billion by 2018. With over 51% of hotspots offering free Wi-Fi, today’s customer has become accustomed to the immediacy of mobile access. This has forced providers to identify a revenue opportunity: mobile monetization, allowing the service provider to share personalized and relevant offers, offer mobile payment facilities, generate marketing lists, track consumer behavior and build their brand.

We invite you to join us at the upcoming CarrierWiFi Asia from April 7-8 at the Marina Bay Sands Hotel in Singapore, where you can learn how Amobee has leveraged its expertise with mobile advertisers, publishers & operators to work with service providers globally to convert their Wi-Fi network into a built-in, hands-free monetization and engagement platform.

Amir Haramaty, SVP, Global Operator Solutions for Amobee will deliver the keynote presentation at 11:00am on Monday, April 7. Additionally, you can meet a member of our team on the exhibition floor at Booth #5, or tweet to us @amobee.

See you there!

Amobee Partners with CampaignGrid to Bring Industry’s First Voter Targeting Platform to Market

Obama 2008
In light of the upcoming United States political election period, we’re excited to share that Amobee & CampaignGrid are now providing political candidates and advocacy organizations with the ability to target 70 million+ registered U.S. voters with video and display ads on mobile web and mobile app on their smartphones and tablets. 
The integration of CampaignGrid’s NOVF into Amobee’s industry leading mobile advertising platform, Amobee RTB DSP, will allow political candidates and advocacy clients to reach voters through their mobile devices with the accuracy of direct mail and the scale of television. 
Political candidates and advocacy organizations will be able to target constituents based on voting behavior such as party affiliation, voting history, geography and thousands of other data points. Using an independent third party, CampaignGrid matches real (not modeled) voter registration data to anonymized mobile device IDs making them addressable by voter attribute.
An eMarketer July 2013 report found that U.S. adults are now spending more time with digital devices than television and over half of that is on mobile devices. In addition, a Pew Research January 2014 study stated that 56% of US adults own smart phones and 42% have tablets. 
Political candidates and advocacy groups, like any organization looking to gain supporters, are taking note of these statistics. They need to be able to reach voters where they are, and CampaignGrid’s integration with Amobee offers them another important channel!

“Houston, Do You Have A Smartphone?”

Screen Shot 2014-04-01 at 3.16.18 PM
The moon was just the beginning. So what’s next? The Travel & Tourism sector has been one of the most enthusiastic adopters of mobile technology. In today’s world, travel brands can push the envelope on what’s possibly in digital advertising creative, and use cutting-edge technology to engage the right customer at the right time, and increase ROI.
Join us at the Mobile Travel & Tourism Summit on April 2 in London to hear Amobee’s Strategy Director, Brett King, share his insights on how leading travel brands will prepare for the next phase of digital customer engagements. Brett’s keynote is from 9:25-9:45am, and you can view the entire day’s schedule here.
Tweet us @amobee if you’d like to meet a member of our team!


Join us at the “Cars & Stars” Mobile Media Summit in Los Angeles!

The automotive and entertainment industries are two of the most active advertisers in mobile, and it’s no surprise that they’ve found success by making mobile a cornerstone of their strategies. Discover what’s trending now and what’s ahead for these two worlds, and learn why mobile should be a star in every marketer’s campaign. Join us for the “Creative Evolution – The New Rich Media in Mobile” panel from 4:30-4:55pm where Amobee Creative Director, Paul DeGorte will join The Hollywood Reporter, Rosetta, Saatchi & Saatchi and Tribal Worldwide to discuss the evolving mobile technology has allowed us to bring rich media eFord F150 Amobee TDIxperiences to the smaller screen. These experiences have made the phone a showroom for advertisers, and we’re only at the tip of the iceberg of what’s possible.

Learn how to create interactive experiences for your consumers now, and discover what’s to come in the world of rich media (including an exclusive look at the Amobee 3D!)

Click here for more information
Ford F-150 campaign

A Look On the Digital Media Horizon

From in-store iBeacons, to mobile social advertising and more, the breakneck speed of the digital world is forcing brands to constantly rewrite the rules of customer engagements. Many of 2014’s bigger trends will be continuations of the major 2013 trends, including omni-channel marketing and the shift to technology within traditional agency houses.Utilizing e-Commerce Platforms to Drive Web Traffic & Create Efficient Omni-channel ExperiencesCPG, fashion and beauty brands are all fighting for eyeballs on the major online shopping channels such as Amazon and eBay.  Brands are increasingly ponying up to ensure that their brand shows up in search results, even though only 16% of retailers sell through the e-commerce giants. For example, many retailers are using Amazon’s growing advertising platform to access new and existing customers through Amazon and drive traffic to their own online shops.In addition, omni-channel strategies allow brands to engage with informed customers on and offline. Loyalty programs, in-store offers through digital-out-of-home devices, optimized mobile brand experiences, and mobile points of sale are all coming into play.

User-Generated Advertising

In the world of consumer-generated content, channels like Instagram are proving to be fantastic engagement tools, but have yet to prove actual influential purchasing activity. A recent study by the University of Wisconsin showed that there is a difference between images that propagate engagement and images that drive sales. Color, filters, and medium are all indicative of whether an image actually increases sales.

Massive Growth in APAC: More Smartphones, More Android

We are seeing the continued rise of smartphone proliferation in APAC. Asia is the largest growing smartphone market with sales growing 60-70% year-on-year.  In particular, Southeast Asia’s growth opportunities are undeniable, with over $10 billion spent on smartphones alone. Cheaper phones, more devices, more choice and a more open operating system have led to Android accounting for 72% of new operating systems shipped in APAC in 2013.

Vietnam and Thailand are the fastest growing markets, with 150% growth last year, but as the fourth largest country in the world, Indonesia is leading the way in smartphone growth. More than 15 million smartphones were sold in Indonesia in 2013, a market of more than $3.5 billion.

China is still a huge opportunity for digital advertising, especially with new operators joining the market. The average Chinese consumer purchases more online than the average US customer, with social platforms placing a much bigger focus on commerce. In the same light, many of the popular Chinese communication platforms like WeChat seamlessly fuse mobile payments, loyalty program and marketing within the app.

The Über Effect

Service apps are popping up left and right, providing consumers with on-demand services including beauty, task management, and transportation. The partner marketplace has rapidly expanded to meet the demand of these marketplaces. The user data collected from these mobile channels will continue to flourish and provide context for user behaviors like traffic patterns and the influence of weather on customer spending.

It’s a Wearable World

Wearable technology is still a nascent market, but points to a powerful mobile trend that people not only want quicker access to information (on their wrist rather than in their pocket) and that people are interested in tracking and analyzing more information about themselves. We expect to see larger screen sizes affecting not only devices but also fashion itself, with purses and pockets getting larger to accommodate larger devices. The global growth of 4G is driving better experiences and increasing video consumption on mobile. We’ll see this in general mobile content as well as ads.

Smarter & More Sophisticated Mobile Advertising

Smartphones are cheaper than ever. Entry-level phones now match the quality of mid-generation iPhones. With a global move to smartphones, mobile ads need to be smarter and accommodate larger screen sizes. Look for ads to leverage more data, including location, to make ads more relevant. Many experts anticipate the sector’s surge will be the “big change” in online retail. Online shopping records on mobile have hit all-time highs. Most CPG companies are leveraging mobile to increase brand awareness, while luxury goods brands are shifting to mobile to drive foot traffic in stores and drive online sales. Luxury goods make up 16% of retail sales in physical stores, but only 3-5% of online sales. Travel is already a major mobile market. The next step is for more travel to be booked directly through the mobile ads themselves.

It’s About the Data

Mobile ads can now leverage more data, faster, from more sources to target the right consumer at the right time based on location and product need. Companies that can make the best use of data will be the most successful. In that light, mobile operators are in a great position with the information they can leverage about consumers. Brands will be looking at data to create long-term relationships with mobile users to generate higher lifetime value from each customer

Wi-Fi is Unclaimed Real-estate

The rise of mobile devices has made Wi-Fi ubiquitous. People have come to expect Wi-Fi availability nearly everywhere they go. As a result, we are seeing more ad budgets directed toward capturing the captive audiences using Wi-Fi in places like hotels, airports, and sports stadiums.

Targeting Affluent Consumers on Mobile: What You Need to Know

The BBC’s newest World News Study examined the usage of mobile devices by affluent consumers, defined as the highest 20% income earners in each country. The study revealed the importance of smartphones to this wealthy audience, including how much they rely on their mobile devices to define their personal and business lives. The study also declared that mobile advertising is four times more effective than desktop advertising, which will be supported as mobile technology improves to allow for greater consumer engagement with branded mobile content.The survey emphasized the growing trend for news consumption on mobile devices. The number of affluent consumers who identify mobile as the single device they prefer to use for news has risen 15% since 2012, while the amount of people who say they prefer desktop has decreased by 17%.


  • 51% use their mobile phone for business, versus 40% of the general population
  • 39% access the internet via their mobile devices at least once an hour, which is 18% higher than the general population
  • 18% are more likely to share their location to get relevant services than the general population
  • Affluent consumers are more likely to prefer mobile devices to desktop for news-related content than the general population.  The contrast is particularly notable for current affairs or breaking news, where the figure is 15% higher for affluent consumers than the general population, and business/finance news, where it is 28% higher
  • News apps are the most frequently used mobile phone apps for affluent consumers, while social network apps are favored by the general population
  • One-third of affluent consumers agree that if a brand wants to be “modern” and “dynamic” it needs to be on mobile, which is 15% higher than the general population
  • Mobile advertising is 4X as effective as desktop advertising in driving key brand metrics such as awareness, favorability and purchase intent amongst the total population
  • 41% of high-net-worth individuals feel positively about mobile advertising on sites where the content is free

In total, the rapid increase of mobile proliferation and usage are forcing brands to create innovative, mobile-friendly experiences on mobile web and mobile app, on a global scale. It’s undeniable that consumers are delving deeper into stories on their mobiles, consuming more rich media, and are becoming more accustomed to mobile advertising.

[a•mo•bee] is pleased to present “The Art and Science of Mobile Advertising” with Robert Andersen on Monday, 31 March at 11:15am and “The VC View: Full Disclosure” with Trevor Healy on Tuesday, 1 April at 11:15am at Advertising Week Europe.


Top 10 Mobile Insights You’ll Need to Know at #AWEurope

  1. Media budgets will move around to follow the best placements and most relevant/targeted audiences. In that regard, mobile drives the digital media ecosystem.
  2. Mobile is the only medium where time spent per media is growing. Adults in the US spend an average of 2 hours, 21 minutes per day on non-voice mobile activities, longer than they spend online on desktop and laptop computers.
  3. More than 1.75 billion smartphones shipped globally in 2013. That number will grow to 2.5 billion by 2017. Smartphone users currently make up 38.5% of all mobile phone users and will grow to 48.8% by 2017.
  4. Mobile is now the main driver of growth in global advertising spend. In fact, mobile will contribute 36% of extra ad spend between 2013 and 2016. As budgets grow, existing budgets or incremental budgets will shift within in the agency to other channels like mobile. This will predominantly come from agencies that are implementing cross-channel and omni-channel strategies with a mobile focus.
  5. While existing mobile ad units like display and video are effective, brands are starting to explore new innovative mobile formats like Amobee 3D that significantly boost engagement and time spend in-ad.
  6. Global ad spend on mobile was £9.52 billion in 2013 and will grow nearly 300% in the next four years to £35.89 billion in 2017. In Europe, the mobile ad spend was £2.26 billion, and will more than triple to £9.62 billion in 2017.
  7. As mobile ad spend grows, the need for real-time data in driving mobile ad strategies has grown.
  8. Mobile-based ad insertions were up 85% in 2013 for a total of £9.62 billion, representing 14% of global digital advertising revenues.
  9. Mobile search generated £5.17 billion of spend in 2013, which is approximately 14% of total paid search, up from 9% in 2012. Mobile paid search is forecasted to reach 17 percent in 2014.
  10. Mobile programmatic buying is flourishing, as it drives digital media’s overall growth.  In the United States alone, spend on real-time bidding was up 60% in 2013, with an overall spend in the U.S. totaling $7.4 billion or £4.45 billion.

[a•mo•bee] is pleased to present “The Art and Science of Mobile Advertising” with Robert Andersen on Monday, 31 March at 11:15am and “The VC View: Full Disclosure” with Trevor Healy on Tuesday, 1 April at 11:15am at Advertising Week Europe.

Amobee Heads to #AWEurope!

Advertising Week mobile

We’re happy to announce our official sponsorship of Advertising Week Europe, the premier event for marketing and communications leaders. It takes place in London from March 31-April 4. As part of the our official sponsorship of the conference, Amobee’s industry-leading mobile advertising technology is powering the advertisements within the official Advertising Week Europe mobile app. You can download the app here.

Our speaking opportunities include:

“The Art and Science of Mobile Advertising”
Robert Andersen, Advertising Services Director for Amobee, will  present a hands-on workshop focusing on combining the creative and technical aspects of mobile advertising for the best possible return. Andersen will discuss how to push the envelope with mobile creative, using 3D mobile ads that go beyond HTML5′s capabilities. Case studies will demonstrate how brands can leverage 3D for next-generation mobile ads as well as cutting edge technology to get that creative to the right customer at the right time, and increase ROI using real-time programmatic buying. The workshop will be held at 11:15 am  on March 31 in News Room Studio A at the BAFTA.

“The Mobile C-Suite”
On Tuesday, April 1 at 9:00am, Healy will join CEOs and executives from other leading mobile technology companies to discuss the future of mobile for brand advertisers and mobile users. The panel will be held at the David Lean Room at the BAFTA, London’s home to the British Academy of Film and Television Arts.

“The VC View: Full Disclosure”
Also on Tuesday, April 1, Healy will sit down with industry expert and venture capitalist Philippe Botteri of Accel Partners for a deep dive into digital advertising and technology trends. They will discuss the hottest investment markets, and what will be the next big idea to disrupt today’s market. The discussion is scheduled for 11:15 am in the David Lean Room at the BAFTA.

“Masters of Monetization: Mobile”
David Barker, SVP and MD EMEA for Amobee, will be participating in a panel in which leading practitioners in the rapidly evolving mobile arena on driving revenue and growing share. Other panelists include Marketing Week, Weve, AppNexus, and xAd. The panel starts at 12:45pm on Tuesday, April 1 in the David Lean Room.

“Lord of Programmatic”
Programmatic is widely hailed as a key to delivering on the promise of digital disruption and the data-rich ecosystem. Watch Dan Wilson, GM Business Management for Amobee, and other industry leaders debate programmatic’s present and future and go deep on the industry’s biggest hot button of 2014. The panel takes place at the David Lean Room at 10:30am on Wednesday, April 2.

We’d love to schedule a meeting, so send us a DM on our Facebook or tweet us @amobee!

Customers Come and Go, but Fans Stay for Life: Introducing Amobee LTV

Amobee LTV Demo from Amobee on Vimeo.

Apps are quickly becoming the new gateway to customer loyalty, brand recognition, product discovery and digital revenue, and it is critical for companies to understand the true value of their mobile app users and to make sure they effectively engage and retain those users.

As such, we’re happy to announce a significant update to the Amobee Platform: Amobee LTV. The new platform enables marketing executives and app developers to use customer insights to vastly increase the chances of retaining app users, creating fans for a lifetime.

With the added capabilities of Amobee LTV, the Amobee Platform is the industry’s most comprehensive digital advertising platform for advertisers, publishers and app developers who use mobile apps to build lifetime relationships with consumers.

Amobee LTV capabilities include:

-        detailed insights on mobile app users

-        directly engage and re-engage app users

-        user-friendly, holistic view of what users are doing with multiple apps

-        segment audiences

-        generate a lifetime value score for each app or customer segment

-        integrated engagement tools for in-app text and rich-media push notifications

Amobee LTV Dashboard

For more information about Amobee LTV, or to join our private beta, visit: http://www.amobee.com/ltvbeta



Join us at the Digital Masterclass events in NYC !

We’re happy to announce that Amobee will be one of the premier speakers at the Digital Brand Masterclass & Digital Entertainment Masterclass events tomorrow, February 18th at the Union Square Ballroom in NYC.

Represented by Amobee’s Head of East Coast Sales, Trevor Hamilton, Amobee will provide key insights to brand executives on how to master the mobile channel in their overall business strategies, as well as sharing industry best practices & Amobee’s latest technology innovations like PULSE 3D mobile ads.

We’ll be tweeting live from both of the events, so join the conversation with the #masterclassing hashtag! Our Twitter handle is: @amobee.

PULSE 3D banner

To attend the free event, please click here.



As marketers reevaluate all the marketing tools in their arsenal, it’s undeniable that change will be coming faster than ever. Stepping into 2014, we know that businesses will move away from a channel-centric approach to a customer-centric one. By optimizing marketing efforts to center upon the customer, mobile will maintain its position as a primary marketing channel. Here are some predictions on the biggest areas of change we’ll see in 2014.


We are seeing the continued rise of smartphone proliferation in APAC. Asia is the largest growing smartphone market with a 77.3 percent increase (Gartner). In fact, from January to September 2013, consumers from Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Cambodia and the Philippines spent over $10 Billion on 41.5 million smartphones (GfK Asia).

As the fourth largest country in the world, Indonesia is leading the way in smartphone growth. More than 15 million smartphones were sold in Indonesia in 2013, a market of more than $3.5 billion (GfK Asia).

China is still a huge opportunity for mobile advertising, especially with new mobile players entering the market.

Developers and advertisers will have an even stronger focus on Android in Asia. Cheaper phones, more device variety, and a comparatively open operating system have led to Android accounting for 72% of new operating systems shipped in APAC in 2013 (IDC).


Wearable technology is still a nascent market, but points to a powerful mobile trend in which people want faster, more convenient access to information.

We expect to see larger screen sizes affecting not only devices, but fashion itself, with purses and pockets getting larger to accommodate these bigger devices.

The global growth of 4G is driving better digital experiences and increasing video consumption on mobile. This added connectivity will positively impact both content and advertising on mobile.

With over 80% of mobile users under 24 years of age sleep next to their phones, and 87% of mobile users experiencing “phantom cellphone vibrations,” it’s undeniable that dependency on mobile will increase (Pew Research).


Smartphones are cheaper than ever. Entry-level phones now match the quality of mid-generation iPhones.  The market is experiencing a kind of “Darwinian effect,” where ‘Dad’ is now using his fourth or fifth generation smartphone, so we’re seeing an increase in hand-me-down smart devices.

With 4.5 Billion mobile users and an increasing number of smartphones, mobile ads need to be smarter and more native. The mobile ads of 2014 will leverage several layers of user data, including location, to make messaging highly relevant.

Mobile advertising is seeing a massive uptick in key consumer industries:

  • CPG companies are leveraging mobile to increase brand awareness.
  • Luxury goods companies are utilizing mobile to drive foot traffic in stores and drive online sales.
  • Travel is already a major mobile market. We will see more travelers booking directly through the mobile ads, and engaging with mobile apps pre and post travel.


Mobile ads can now leverage more data, from more sources, at a significantly faster speed, to target the right consumer, at the right time based on location and product need. Companies that can make the best use of data will be the most successful.

Mobile operators are in a great position in the mobile advertising ecosystem, and will continue to leverage subscriber information securely.

More companies will strategically use data to create long-term relationships with mobile users to generate higher lifetime value from each customer, particularly through mobile brand apps.

The rise of mobile devices has made Wi-Fi ubiquitous. Increasingly so, consumers have come to expect Wi-Fi availability nearly everywhere they go.

We are seeing more ad budgets directed toward capturing the captive audiences using Wi-Fi in high-trafficked places like hotels, airports, casinos and sports stadiums.


Trevor Healy, CEO of Amobee


We’re proud to be the exclusive digital partner of the Mercedes Benz STYLO Asia Fashion Week, an Asia-wide collaboration of top emerging designers in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. As part of its partnership, Amobee created the sleek Mercedes Benz STYLO Asia Fashion Week mobile website. In addition, Amobee will be the presenting sponsor of the “Night of Fashion”.

20131205_fashion_week_kuala_lumpurPartnering with this premier fashion event in Asia is a great opportunity for [a•mo•bee] to expand in two growth markets. Malaysia is an advanced and fast growing mobile market, and fashion brands are increasingly looking to mobile to engage the Generation C audience. In fact, Malaysia has a mobile phone penetration of 137%, with nearly 30% of the population owning smartphones according to Nielsen.

“[a•mo•bee] brings their considerable mobile and digital marketing expertise to the fashion industry with this partnership,” said Nancy Yeoh, president and CEO of STYLO Asia Fashion Week. “We’re excited to continue working with [a•mo•bee] on future projects to bring their digital expertise to the fashion industry and the Malaysian market.”

In addition to Asia Fashion Week, [a•mo•bee] is also working with Maxis, Malaysia’s largest national mobile operator, to introduce new services using [a•mo•bee]’s PULSE platform.


20131118_me_awardWe’re happy to announce that [a•mo•bee]’s PULSE 3D mobile ad platform was declared the “Best Rich Media Ad Platform” in the 2013 ME Awards from Mobile Entertainment for the second consecutive year!

[a•mo•bee]’s PULSE 3D is the industry’s leading 3D mobile advertising platform, and its capabilities have growth significantly to provide the most realistic 3D mobile graphics in the industry. We’ve innovated PULSE 3D over the past year to continue creating the most beautiful and immersive ads in the industry with added intelligence, scalability and reach.

Katy Phillips, publisher of Mobile Entertainment said, “This year’s ME Awards received some truly inspiring entries that really demonstrated the fact that the global mobile content market still buzzes with creativity. Technology has developed so much over the last year and consumer experiences on mobile have reached an all-time high. [a•mo•bee]’s PULSE 3D is a fantastic example of technology pushing the envelope beyond rich media to give mobile users an incredible mobile advertising experience. Well done!”

[a•mo•bee] is honored that Mobile Entertainment has recognized our efforts for another year!



In partnership with Télécoms Sans Frontières (TSF), the world’s leading emergency telecommunications NGO, andVodafone Foundation, [a•mo•bee] created and launched m.tsfi.org, the new TSF mobile website, which provides mobile users with an easy-to-use mobile platform to keep up-to-date with the latest TSF news. Additionally, the new mobile website provides users with a seamlessly integrated PayPal functionality to make instant donations to emergencies relief groups.

The mobile website was designed with the goal of delivering a dynamic presence for people to follow the organisation’s efforts in setting up emergency communications facilities in war-torn countries and disaster zones for affected populations and relief workers. In turn, this has provided the organisation with a dedicated mobile presence for users to keep up-to-date with the latest developments and initiatives on a real-time, global scale.

The timeliness of this mobile website launch has helped Télécoms Sans Frontières deploy first aid teams to the Philippines to provide essential emergency support for the 4.1 million people affected by the devastating Typhoon Haiyan. With Télécoms Sans Frontières’ new mobile-optimized website, TSF can provide real-time information to hundreds of thousands of people affected by Typhoon Haiyan, as well as the numerous humanitarian aid agencies in the field.

[a•mo•bee] is proud to provide our mobile expertise to help TSF in its important work helping rescue workers get the mobile resources they need in critical situations. With the worldwide proliferation of smartphones, a mobile-friendly website is key to giving a global mobile audience access to real-time emergency efforts. In addition, the integrated mobile payment process allows visitors to seamlessly and easily make payments to continue supporting the TSF organization on a global scale.

- Robert Andersen, Advertising Services Director



If 2012 was the “year of mobile,” then 2013 is the “year of re-engagement.” As most applications began scaling their install base in 2012, the focus has now shifted to create more value within those apps, especially for gaming and e-commerce clients.

Now that the app installs are ever-present on mobile devices, the natural progression is to re-engage and drive revenue from these users with immersive mobile ad experiences. By using deep linking and targeting techniques, advertisers can identify infrequent and moderate app users in order to claim and maintain mindshare and increased time spent in-app.

For example, if mobile users click on a mobile banner ad for a hotel-booking app, they will install the app, but won’t necessarily purchase a hotel night. The next day, that user sees a re-targeted mobile ad with a 20% off coupon from the same booking company. When the user clicks on that ad, they return to the app with intent to purchase. It’s worth noting that consumers don’t necessarily make hotel bookings daily, but it is crucial for the brand to identify key situations and moments when the user finds the app content timely and useful (ex: when the mobile user is stuck in the airport and needs a last minute hotel booking).

Re-engagement is also important when using mobile offer walls where mobile users are incentivized to purchase and make in-app events in a previously downloaded app. Regardless of the quality of user being incentivized, this method can be prolific if the users actually purchase items in-app.

With a strong mobile re-engagement strategy, brands can strengthen relationships with current app users. Revenue can be attributed to in-app purchases, serving as a baseline for user acquisition. In turn, advertisers will recognize true ROI for their mobile advertising investments.



By: [a•mo•bee] President, Mark Strecker


It’s always been a goal of [a•mo•bee]‘s to get all employees in the same room at the same time. Easier said than done, especially when the company has expanded to 9 countries across the world in the past year. In order to consistently maintain the [a•mo•bee] spirit of collaboration and innovation as we continue to grow, we introduced the [a•mo•bee] Torch Relay initiative earlier this year. The goal of the program is to foster knowledge sharing and improve the communication and collaboration between [a•mo•bee]‘s global teams. In short, this program has and will ensure the continued success of our global expansion.

The [a•mo•bee] Relay – so what is it?

Every month, a nominated [a•mo•bee] Torch Bearer is selected for their embodiment of the [a•mo•bee] spirit, and their ability to become an international ambassador of current and future company efforts. The Torch Bearer then travels to one of [a•mo•bee]‘s global offices and spends 1-2 weeks working and collaborating with their colleagues. During their stay, the Torch Bearer develops and presents a practical new idea to improve the company or their team. At the end of their visit the Torch Bearer passes on the torch to begin the cycle again.

This month’s Torch Bearer was Customer Service Engineer, Nimrod Geller, from [a•mo•bee]‘s Israel office. Here are his
thoughts on his experience in [a•mo•bee]‘s San Francisco office:

What did you
learn through the
Torch Bearer program?
After this experience, I truly understand the importance of meeting colleagues and putting personalities to names. I’m all about people. That’s why I work in customer support. Helping people work through problems is much more fluid when you have a pre-existing relationship with that particular colleague.By passing the Torch, I was able to extend the honor to one of my fellow colleagues, which was a really powerful exercise for both of us.
What is your advice to improve the company? This trip has really taught me the value of more open and direct communication. I’ve been inspired by the power of face-to-face interactions, including how much easier phone and electronic communication is once you’ve seen your overseas colleagues. I’d like for us to establish regular (2-3 times per quarter) video conferences to exchange ideas and increase cross-funtional team collaboration.
What insights will you bring back to your team in Israel? I have built solid relationships with the people who I traditionally only interacted with over email. I now know how to better respond and collaborate with my overseas colleagues. I’m also going to stress the need for more video conferences. After this experience, I think face-to-face interactions create a lot of stickiness between teams. That connection is invaluable!
Do you have any
advise for future
Torch Bearers?
Don’t be shy! Everyone at [a•mo•bee] works so hard, so it can be intimidating to interrupt people, but if you are lucky enough to have this experience, introduce yourself to as many people as possible. Take advantage of the new workplace, and your fellow teammates.Apart from the traditional workplace experience, I learned a lot about the “American culture” by making a point to join my teammates after hours. Getting to know my colleagues outside of work helped me understand their personalities. I now have great stories to bring back to Israel with me!Here’s the video that Nimrod kindly produced to give the US office a little flavor of the Israeli office!


We couldn’t be more excited to participate in the upcoming Advertising Week in New York City from September 23-26, 2013. [a•mo•bee] has several speaking engagements throughout the week, and we would love to see you there!If you would like to meet a member of our team, tweet us @amobee or send us a message on our Facebook.

New World Stages
340 W 50th St, New York, NY 10019
Exhibition Booth #20

We’ll be conducing live demos of #PULSE3Dmobile ads.“Rich Media 2.0 – What the Future Holds”

Monday, Sept 23 – 1:55-2:25 PM
Moderator: Donnovan Andrews – VP, Bazaarvoice Media Labs; Chief Advisor of Digital Media & Innovation, American Association of Advertising Agencies (AAAA’s)

Aneesh Karve
Technical Product Manager

Nick Velloff
SVP, Creative Technology Director
Deutsch LA

Brian Bos
SVP & Group Dir Emerging Technology
Team Detroit

Eric Weisberg
Executive Creative Director
JWT New York

Tuesday, Sept 24 – 6:30-11:00pm
Nominee for “Best Custom Mobile Rich Media Display” with #PULSE3D for BMW


Dakota Sullivan“Kings of Content”

Times Center Hall
242 W 41st St, New York, NY 10036

Wednesday, Sep 25 – 9:00-9:50 AM

Jimmy Soni


Dakota Sullivan
SVP Americas

Scott Donaton
Global Chief Content Officer

Jason Harris
President & CEO

Peter Levin

Justin Wilkes
President Media & Ent.


Aneesh Karve“Beyond Rich Media: Building Feature-Rich, 3D Mobile Ad Experiences”

Lucille’s at BB King Blues Club
237 W 42 St, New York, NY 10036
Wednesday, Sep 25 – 2:00-2:50 PM

Aneesh Karve
Technical Product Manager


Check into the event using the #PULSE3D hastag.





Our mission is to create the world’s most beautiful, engaging ads to build lasting brand relationships. Today we’re proud to announce the industry’s only real-time, high fidelity 3D mobile ad platform: PULSE 3D. The new platform brings products out of the showcase and into mobile user’s hands, empowering advertisers to create realistic 3D ads that engage mobile users in ways never possible before.

With PULSE 3D, advertisers have the ability to make every pixel of the platform dynamic. The platform’s hybrid architecture takes advantage of the reach of HTML and the performance of native device features. PULSE 3D ads are not only three-dimensional, but incorporate app-like features, location-based customization, as well as other forms of rich media, including video, expandable image galleries, interactivity and gamification. By bringing cinematic effects to mobile through the use of technology, the user is now in the director’s chair, and can determine what kind of brand experience they would like in real time.

With mobile commerce on a fast trajectory, creating visceral experiences on mobile devices will become a ‘must’ for advertisers. PULSE 3D finally allows the creative director to deliver application quality ads that truly delight consumers. That’s a winning combination for everyone!

- Trevor Healy, [a•mo•bee] CEO



I’m happy to announce [a•mo•bee]’s acquisition of Gradient X, who has developed the leading real-time bidding platform in the industry.

Gradient X created the most advanced bidding algorithms and audience targeting capabilities for mobile. Combining the Gradient X platform with [a•mo•bee]’s platform will give our large brand advertisers the ability to bid on digital inventory programmatically, with a targeted audience, at an optimized price in real time. [a•mo•bee] now has the best data-driven programmatic buying platform in the market, which immediately translates into higher ROI for the CMO.

The founders and engineering team of Gradient X are technology rock stars, and when we met them, we knew they had to be a part of the top team at [a•mo•bee]. We share a common vision in how to use technology to finally make mobile the most effective marketing channel to reach the right customer, with the right offer, at the right time and place.

Welcome, team Gradient X!

Trevor Healy, [a•mo•bee] CEO


According to a recent IAB & IHS Screen Digest report, the global mobile ad market generated $8.9 billion in 2012, an 83% jump over the $5.3 billion in revenues made in 2011. As smartphone proliferation continues to grow, mobile users are consuming an increasing variety of digital content, which is having a direct impact on the growth of the mobile advertising industry. Consumers are using their mobile devices more than ever before, and for a wide range of activities. In turn, many of these content experiences are free, which only necessitates mobile advertising. According to the report, search accounts for over 50% of the total ad spend on mobile ($4.7 billion), while display ads account for 38.7% of all mobile ad revenues.

Global Mobile Ad Revenues by Region - 2012

While these overall revenue figures are smaller than those of the digital advertising industry, there has been a massive push for more interactive, ad-rich, and technology-fueled innovations in mobile marketing. Amobee’s PULSE 3D immersive mobile ads are a perfect example of how and why leading-edge brand advertisers are chosing to provide more richer, engaging experiences for end users.

IHS’s Daniel Knapp, Director of Advertising Research and the author of the report, reported that Amobee was one of three vitally important mobile ad companies this year.

“Mobile is coming into its own as a powerhouse advertising medium,” says Anna Bager, Vice President and General Manager, Mobile Marketing Center of Excellence, U.S. IAB, in a statement. “Today’s advertising is happening in a world where ad campaigns can be planned and bought across global networks on multiple media, but the massive and continuing acceleration of mobile’s international impact provides new and exciting frontiers for content and communication.”

In terms of geographical breakdown, the fastest growing markets are unsurprsignly the geographies with the strongest mobile internet usage. In the US, mobile ad revenues climbed 111%, but most notably, the Asia Pacific region was declared the single-biggest region for mobile ads.

You can read the full report here.


Tablet Example - PULSE 3D

IDC recently released its latest estimates on the sales of tablets and laptops, projecting that by the end of 2013, tablet shipments will reach approximately 229.3 million units worldwide, overtaking laptop sales for the first time in history. The rise of the tablet may seem overblown on the surface, but its ascent can be traced to several key factors, many of which are rooted in the expectations and user behaviors of consumers.

The Ecosystem

Driven by the need for faster, web-enabled devices, consumers have flocked to tablets as a means to a more portable computing experience. In fact, it’s projected that more than half of the global population will be armed with a smartphone by 2017. With the proliferation of smart “devices,” consumers are buying into a particular ecosystem like the Apple, Google, BlackBerry, or Windows markets. This once trivial decision now has vast implications for consumers, the devices they use, and the content they consume. The same ecosystem that allows consumers to rent a movie on an iPad, watch it on Apple TV, and socially share it on their iPhone is a prime example of how these ecosystems have locked in user loyalty.


The emergence of the tablet market has also given rise to an equally astonishing number of accessories. From Bluetooth-enabled keyboards to styluses for drawing freehand, all that consumers have come to expect from PC is now available on your tablet, only smaller and more compact. With nearly limitless storage options, easily updatable software, and universally accessible cloud access, tablets have effectively replaced hard drives.


The high fluidity imagery, fast speeds, and lean-in experience of tablets provide users with a seamless, simple solution for behaviors that were previously addressed by the PC. Because tablet behavior differs from that on a mobile device, mobile users are more likely to shop, watch TV, and read media on their tablet devices. In fact, Juniper Research reports that tablet purchases will drive mobile content revenues to $65BN in 2016.

Advertising Opportunities

The ad industry is moving past single push channel advertising, to a more fluid series of messages from advertisers across a multitude of channels, including non-digital/traditional ad mediums. Tablets are not only helping media owners strengthen readership and/or subscriber bases, but providing them with an excellent opportunity to showcase and continue messaging as a seamless extension of the content. Once a user is locked into an ecosystem, it is easy to optimize and execute cross-screen advertising campaigns. The size of the tablet is ideal for a variety of full-screen ad formats, particularly PULSE 3D ads, which take full advantage of the quality of graphics possible with tablet technology.

In short, tablets provide advertisers with a platform that is as intimate as mobile, with the creative possibilities of television, and the direct response of traditional online platforms.



Amobee enters DOOH market

I’m excited to announce that [a•mo•bee] has officially entered the digital-out-of-home (DOOH) market. Mobile has been at the core of [a•mo•bee]’s success, and as mobile devices are increasingly integrated with traditional advertising, we are in a unique position to drive entirely new experiences across consumers’ digital engagements. By combining our deep experience and technology innovations in mobile advertising with DOOH marketing solutions, we can continue offering global advertisers fully integrated digital marketing campaigns that are tailored to local market characteristics. This will provide advertisers and retailers with an opportunity to maintain consumer relationships at all stages of the purchase cycle, and improve the brand experience for shoppers.

In addition, [a•mo•bee] has expanded our presence in Asia by opening a stunning new HQ office in Singapore. This office will serve as the hub for all of our wide-ranging activities throughout the APAC region, and we encourage you to stop by and say hello!

This is a very proud day for all of us at [a•mo•bee].

- Trevor Healy, [a•mo•bee] CEO


[a•mo•bee] is participating in several events across the globe this week. If you would like to meet with a member of our team tweet us @amobee!

Mobile Luxury Masterclass
Tuesday, June 11, 2013
8.30am – 12.45pm

Union Square Ballroom,
27 Union Square West, NY 10003
Mobile Luxury MasterclassJoin Dakota Sullivan, SVP of Sales for [a•mo•bee] at the Mobile Luxury Masterclass, where he will show senior luxury executives how they can deploy the latest mobile marketing tools and techniques to generate new business and retain loyal customers across all customer touchpoints.
ATS Singapore
Wednesday, June 12, 2013
2:00pm – 2:45pm

M Hotel, 81 Anson Rd Singapore
The Programmatic Opportunity in Multi-Screens & Multi-PlatformPanelists include:

  • Mark Strecker, COO, [a•mo•bee]
  • Phu Truong, Managing Director, TubeMogul
  • Matt Von der Muhll, Regional MD, SpotXchange
  • Carl Costa, GM & Managing Director APAC, StrikeAd

ATS Singapore returns to Singapore where the full-day conference will cover the latest trends and developments in the data-driven ad space across South-East Asia, Australia, China and India – and will feature leading figures from the key constituent players in the region.

ad:tech Singapore 
Friday, June 14, 2013
12:25pm – 1:10pm

Level 4, Hall (403-406)
Suntec Convention Centre
Making a Global Brand Successful in Asia with Localized Digital Advertising
Speakers include:
Mark Strecker, COO, [a•mo•bee]
Allen Penn, Head of Asia Operations, UberIn a region defined by cultural and lingual diversity, it is critical for advertisers to develop mobile advertising campaigns that cater to each market’s unique characteristics. By effectively utilizing location and mobile subscriber data, advertisers can more effectively reach and reengage potential customers with the right messaging and the right offer, in real time, across all mobile devices.Uber is the premier private transportation option for the mobile-connected consumer, and hence, mobile advertising is a key tool in establishing the Uber brand as the luxury transportation service of choice in Asia. Amobee President, Mark Strecker and Allen Penn, Head of Asia Operations for Uber, will discuss the challenges of balancing global scale with local feel, building a brand in Asia, and how [a•mo•bee] is helping Uber successfully expand its business in the fast-growing Asian market.

Session discovery topics

In a market where mobile is the first screen for consumers, advertisers need to make mobile their first priority. To successfully enter APAC, it is critical for advertisers to develop advertising strategies that cater to each market’s unique characteristics. By effectively utilizing mobile subscriber data, advertisers can reach and reengage potential customers with the right messaging and the right offer, in real time, across all mobile devices.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013
13:40 – 14:10

Marina Bay Sands, Singapore
Boosting a Mobile App’s ROI
Speakers include:

  • Arun Poojari, Regional Account Dir. APAC Publishers, [a•mo•bee]
  • Shabbir Baliwala, Solutions Dir. for ASEAN operations, Compuware
  • Ivan Evans, SVP, Asia Pacific Sales, Sandvine Incorporated
  • Claire Mula, Founder & MD, Sprooki
  • Utilising big data usage to essentially enable higher ROI
  • Testing and monitoring from your end users’ perspective
  • Common performance management technologies
  • Establishing a baseline for analysis and benchmarking yourself against the competition
  • The know-hows of setting the stage with global and
    regional trending data
  • Ways of defining Mobile ROI metrics

CommunicAsia is Asia’s largest integrated info communication technology event, is instrumental in connecting the information and communications technology industry.


In order for agencies to reach the right customer with the right message on a global scale, mobile is essential. Mobile has quickly shifted from a secondary strategy to the core of every marketer’s go-to-market plan, and mobile advertising gives brands unique capabilities to reach customers with unprecedented engagement and relevance.

Hear Trevor Healy, Chief Executive of [a•mo•bee] deliver the Festival of Media Asia keynote presentation in which he discuss how mobile is forcing every industry to reinvent itself:



[a•mo•bee] is proud to accept a Communicator Award for the multi-dimensional campaign designed for luxury handset manufacturer, Vertu. To view the award-winning Vertu campaign, please click here.

With over 6000 entries received from across the US and around the world, the Communicator Awards is the largest and most competitive awards program honoring the creative excellence for communications professionals.

The competition is designed to honor and recognize that showcases the best creative work submitted to further recognize excellence in the visual arts. The Communicator Awards are judged and overseen by the International Academy of the Visual Arts (IAVA), a 600+ member organization of leading professionals from various disciplines of the visual arts dedicated to embracing progress and the evolving nature of traditional and interactive media.

“We are both excited and amazed by the quality of work received for the 19th Annual Communicator Awards.  This year’s class of entries is a true reflection of the progressive and innovative nature of marketing and communications,” noted Linda Day, executive director of the International Academy of the Visual Arts.  She added, “On behalf of the entire Academy I want to applaud this year’s Communicator Awards entrants and winners for their dedication to perfecting their craft as they continue to push the envelope of creativity.”


Amobee Wins Silver Award - Marketing Magazine


[a•mo•bee] was declared the Silver winner in the 6th Annual Agency of the Year Awards 2013, held by Marketing Magazine in Singapore.

Over 1500 senior client marketers in Singapore elected [a•mo•bee] as their “agency of choice”. Once elected, the short-listed finalists were invited to support their nomination by submitting an entry to the Agency of the Year 2013 judging panel, which consisted of twenty-one senior marketing professionals from major global brands in Singapore.

Entries were judged on business performance, staff development and management, contributions to the industry and community at large and work carried out over the past year.

Winning this award is an affirmation that Amobee has truly realized its global reach, and continues to be the market leader defining mobile advertising.

Congrats, [a] team!


We think it’s time to re-think the incentivization model.

Incentivized media is a useful tool, but it’s all about how an advertiser wields it. Most mobile advertisers exclusively use incentivized media to boost app ranking and achieve a cost-effective CPI (cost per install). The stigma associated with incentivization comes from the fact that it guarantees that a specific number of users download an app at a given time. If an advertiser incents a user to download an app, the question still remains – did the user download the app just because they had to, or because they actually wanted to opt into the experience?

An advertiser wants to know how many users actually opened the app

Incentivization can and should be an effective media strategy to drive more meaningful KPI’s and provide a quality experience for the user. An advertiser wants to know how many users actually opened the app, and whether the user is spending real and significant money from within the app. Incentivization doesn’t just mean app downloads; users can be incented to perform another action, like booking a trip, filling out a form, or getting a mobile coupon. Advertisers need to start pushing for deeper, more meaningful metrics in order to provide value to end users who will spend real money within the app.


The Mobile Show Dubai

Join us at the Dubai International World Trade Center next week. We have several speaking presentations, as well as a booth (#MA20) to demo our immersive 3D mobile advertising technology. Register HERE.

The Keynote – May 15 at 12:30pm
Get inspired at [a•mo•bee]’s keynote panel entitled “The MAD Board: You Decide!” which will expose what’s new, what’s hot and what’s next in the mobile life. Ben Tatton-Brown, SVP and MD will be speaking.



[a•mo•bee]’s conferences are designed to ensure you leave with the knowhow and understanding to implement and improve your business through mobile.

May 14 at 12:00pm
Brands & Agencies Stage
“How to Reach & Engage Consumer on the Go” will teach advertisers how to use mobile advertising to connect with travelers 24/7. Be sure to use the #mobileadvertisingonthego hashtag during the event.
May 15 at 12:30pm
MAD World Stage
“Rich Media & 3D Mobile Ads” will teach brands how to engage with audiences to turn customers into brand fans. Be prepared for some cutting-edge 3D mobile ad demos! Be sure to use the #PULSE3Dmobileads hastag during the event.


Join us at booth #MA20 where we will be showcasing [a•mo•bee]’s proprietary mobile advertising technology, including the innovative PULSE 3D mobile ads.


eBay's MyMixx campaignAccording to IBM’s recent Online Retail Index study, online sales for department stores saw a 32% rise in Q1 2013. The study attributed the massive growth to retailers’ efforts to streamline the brick-and-mortar shopping experience by integrating mobile tools, such as QR codes, augmented reality, and click-to-buy mobile ads to provide product information and shopping services. In fact, m-commerce purchases jumped more than 30% in Q1 2013 from Q1 2012, now accounting for over 17% of all online retail purchases.

Increasing use of tablets to browse, shop, and interact with customer service is fueling this growth. Overall, mobile traffic increased 40% this past quarter, while tablet traffic increased nearly 80% from 2011, suggesting the importance of m-commerce in driving retail purchases. With the immersive capabilities of tablets, brand marketers and retailers can create a positive customer experience by “designing for the finger.”

eBay is a perfect example of a retailer using mobile technology to blur the lines between in-store, online, and magazine shopping. To promote new in-season branded fashions in the “MyMix” campaign, eBay utilized a variety of mobile advertising technologies like augmented reality and rich media to attract tablet and smartphone shoppers. eBay is now seeing a significant portion of overall revenues being generated from mobile transactions.

To fully understand the cutting-edge creative executed for eBay’s MyMix campaign, view this video, which demonstrates the augmented reality generated from the eBay retail print ads.