And the award goes to…Amobee Brand Intelligence

Amobee rolled out the red carpet last Sunday for the 87th Academy Awards®.

As the world tuned into the Oscars®, Amobee teams were in digital media war rooms across the globe with real-time data insights powered by Amobee Brand Intelligence.

Amobee’s Brand Intelligence technology platform provided real-time and historical analysis of brand sentiment and overall content consumption trends across the digital ecosystem. It aimed to help inform advertisers’ on their Oscars® strategies and media activation in real-time.

Amobee began monitoring the online Oscars® buzz well before Hollywood’s big night, making predictions featured in MediaPost, and maintained its relentless focus on tracking the latest trends throughout the broadcast. It closely followed and tracked viewer conversations that extended well beyond social media, with the world generating and sharing content about their favorite, and not so favorite, moments of the night across the web.

Amobee’s analysis revealed that this year:

  • The Oscars® were ripe for brands to align with strong social advocacy. “Social Good” was the winning theme of the night, with celebrity Oscar® acceptance speeches touching on women’s right to equal wages, civil rights and the enduring hope to find a cure for Alzheimer’s disease.
  • Many brands that advertised during the Oscars® missed out on a big opportunity to market in the moment and optimize media to stand alongside social good and change.
  • Lego and Dove, brands that leveraged earned media and embraced a strong social advocacy strategy, performed best.
  • Lady Gaga won in celebrity online visibility and lift, with a memorable Sound of Music performance and on-stage moment with Julie Andrews.

What we can learn from this year’s Academy Awards® is that the brands that successfully tap into data insights in real-time will come out winners.

View the Amobee infographic for the Oscars® to see the top celebrity and brand moments across the digital sphere.

Amobee Brand Intelligence Reveals Big Game Brand Winners

The Amobee team gathered in war rooms around the world working in partnership with some of the biggest advertisers.

Powered by Amobee Brand Intelligence, the team leveraged cross channel data and proprietary insights to inform game-time digital marketing strategies for activating media across screens to give consumers a seamless and memorable brand experience.

Amobee’s patented technology and robust cross channel digital marketing platform allows us to analyze the world’s content consumption patterns in real-time. Amobee Brand Intelligence enables marketers an unprecedented ability to understand what people are consuming, talking about, and most importantly, identify which topics are trending, and the best keywords for audience targeting and optimizing digital campaigns for increased ROI.

Through analysis of content consumption during the Big Game, Amobee Brand Intelligence was able to discover which brands prevailed, failed, and which brands created the most buzz.

Sunday’s main event is one of the most popular televised sporting events in the U.S., providing advertisers with a unique opportunity to capture the attention of one of the biggest audiences during the year.

With an estimated $4.5 million dollars being spent per 30-seconds of TV time, advertisers made sure to extend their campaign presence online and across mobile devices to entertain, make us laugh and think.

This year, we saw a significant number of advertisers use the Big Game as a platform to bring to light both fun and serious topics across social media. They leveraged Twitter to keep the conversation going in real-time using clever hashtags and advertising products like Twitter cards to make their messages stand out and inspire engagement.

Here are 5 notable highlights from our analysis of the Big Game:

  1. Budweiser was the night’s most successful advertiser, earning 234,000 social mentions during the game around its Best Buds spot.
  2. Coca-Cola was the second-most popular advertiser of the night based on positive sentiment.
  3. The best loved auto brand was Fiat, its blue pill ad generated 52,910 Tweets around a single ad break.
  4. Skittles won the battle for viral chatter among first-time advertisers with 85,383 social mentions.
  5. Examining top brands on the night by category, 26% of mentions during the game were around consumer packaged goods brands, 20% around beverages, 15% around automotive, 13% around finance and insurance brands, 10% around food brands, 6% around entertainment, and 10% around other verticals.

To download the full infographic, please click here.

Amobee Featured in Newest Mobile Display Ad CPMS eMarketer Report

Amobee had the opportunity to speak with the mobile analysts at eMarketer, contributing to their report, “Mobile Display Ad CPMS: The Going Rates and the Inventory Advertisers Value Most.” This new eMarketer report is a great resource to learn about mobile display prices as well as the inventory types that are providing the greatest value. Here is snapshot of what our own expert, James Malins, VP of Cross Channel Digital Advertising, had to share.

In the report, James breaks down the math behind buying mobile inventory on a cost-per-click basis to use the clickthrough rate (CTR) for the inventory to calculate an eCPM for that buy. “If you’re paying a dollar for every click and the CTR is .001%—one click in a thousand impressions—that backs into a $1 eCPM.” With this pricing model, “if you’re looking at a standard banner execution, mobile is significantly cheaper—50% or more below desktop.”


According to eMarketer, more big brands—and their ad budgets—have moved into mobile advertising, and as seen through the lens of CPMs, advertisers are placing greater value on mobile display ads. It’s a logical shift as consumers have evolved to multi-screen lifestyles where smartphone and tablets are playing a much bigger role. The research firm estimates US adults spent nearly half of their digital time in 2014—2 hours 51 minutes per day—consuming mobile media, 32 more minutes each day compared with 2013.

Additionally, James discusses the issue of quality versus quantity impressions in mobile. “[When] you try to find the right person and the right place, you generally pay a premium to do that. But with the glut of cheap inventory in mobile, the second approach is to back into your performance goal by buying a lot of cheap inventory that leaves enough room to account for all the wasted impressions and nonperforming users.”

As Amobee continues to be at the forefront of industry discussions, we hope to provide you with a deeper understanding of the many factors and consumer behaviors affecting the future of digital advertising.

Amobee Recognized As 2014 “Best in Biz” Award Winner!

Amobee has been recognized and awarded as one of the “Best in Biz” in the 2014 Best in Biz Awards in the “Most Innovative Company of the Year, Medium” category!!


Best in Biz’s large and distinguished judging panel is comprised of members of the media from companies including Adweek, Inc. Magazine, MediaPost, and ZDNet, who reviewed and scored more than 550 award nominations. Nominations were fielded from public and private companies of all sizes, from virtually every major industry and region in the U.S. and Canada.

“I salute all the companies in the Most Innovative Company of the Year category. It was inspiring to read about the work they’re doing, and taken as a whole their stories gave a tremendously encouraging view of the state of American business,” said Doug Cantor, senior editor at Inc. magazine, judging his second Best in Biz Awards. “With such a strong field spanning a variety of industries, choosing a winner was a challenge, to say the least.”

For a full list of winners in the 2014 Best in Biz Awards, click here.


Introducing Amobee’s Cross Device Audience Targeting Technology: Amobee Ink


With digital device ownership and content consumption on the rise, marketers must change the way they plan and execute their digital marketing campaigns.

We’re proud to announce the launch of Amobee Ink, our proprietary cross device audience targeting technology that utilizes the Amobee Data Management Platform (DMP). Amobee Ink enables brands to effectively target and engage consumers across desktop, tablet and mobile devices, in any format, to drive better campaign efficiency and performance.

Unlike single-ID based targeting technologies that rely on probabilistic algorithms, Amobee Ink is deterministic. This exact match methodology, developed with privacy standards and consumer anonymity at the forefront, allows Amobee Ink to directly map demographic and behavioral data from multiple ID sources such as publisher passed ID, cookies, third party ID, and device ID back to an encrypted Core Profile ID based on a persistent identifier.

Through Amobee Ink, offline and online targeting attributes are stored as unique audience profiles in the cloud allowing Amobee to deliver in real-time, the right impression to the right audience, across all devices.

To learn more about the full capabilities of Amobee Ink, please click here, or you can read the full announcement here.